Group Study Rooms in Humanities Academy

Service Agreement

Users must read the following and then click the "Agree" button at the bottom to proceed to the booking menu.
  1. Users must read the "Booking Policy and Procedures", the "Check-in and Check-out Procedures"and also "Conduct of Users" for the Group Study Rooms. Users must agree to abide by the policy and follow the procedures and rules as stated before proceeding to make the bookings.
  2. In particular, the Library would like to draw users' attention to the following (Extracted from the policy and procedures. Users should also refer to the full versions by following the links provided above.):
    • There must be at least 4 users in the room during the booked sessions, including the principal user who makes the actual booking. The Library has the right to forfeit booked sessions if the principal user is not in the room during the booked sessions or the room does not contain the minimum number of users required.
    • The principal user must ensure that the room is locked after use. He or she will be held liable for damage done to the equipment or furniture inside the room if the room is unlocked after use.
    • The Group Study Rooms are strictly for academic use only.
    • The Group Study Rooms are under CCTV surveillance.
    • Any damage / disorder of furniture or fixtures in the Group Study Rooms/General Education Rooms should be reported to the IT Help Desk at once. In case of misuse or negligence, users will be held responsible for the total cost incurred for repair or replacement.
  3. Users should cancel bookings that are later found unnecessary so as to release the sessions for other users. If a user is late for the first 15 minutes of any reserved hour, the Library reserves the right to forfeit a booking hour and allow any patron to use the remaining hour without further notice.
  4. If there are many no-shows, the Library will consider imposing a penalty system.

I have read the above and also the policy, procedures and rules that it refers to by following the web links given. I am fully aware of all the policy, procedures and rules for booking and using the Group Study Rooms. I agree to abide by them.

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